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Services (VTAS)
   Moray Place Investment Company
   Alligator Fund ICVC
   EPIC Markets (UK) LLP
   -  VT EPIC Asian Centric Global Growth
   -  VT EPIC Diversified Income Fund
   -  VT EPIC Multi Asset Funds
   -  VT EPIC UK Equity Market Fund
   Protean Capital LLP
   -  VT Protean Capital Elder Fund
   -  VT Protean Capital PROCSI CoRE Fund
   The Discovery Fund
   -  Discovery Balanced Fund
   -  Discovery Cautious Fund
   -  Discovery Growth Fund
   Valu-Trac Equity Income Fund A
   VT AI-FUNDS Tactical High Yield Bond
   VT AJ Bell Funds ICVC
   -  VT AJ Bell Adventurous Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Balanced Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Cautious Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Global Growth Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Income Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Income & Growth Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Moderately
Adventurous Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Moderately
Cautious Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Responsible Growth Fund
   VT Argonaut Funds
   -  VT Argonaut Absolute Return Fund
   -  VT Argonaut Equity Income Fund
   -  VT Argonaut European Alpha Fund
   VT Asset Intelligence Funds
   -  VT Asset Intelligence Defensive Fund
   -  VT Asset Intelligence Growth Fund
   VT Astute Funds ICVC
   -  VT Astute Balanced Fund
   -  VT Astute Conservative Fund
   -  VT Astute Growth Fund
   VT Avastra Funds
   -  VT Avastra Global Alternatives Fund
   -  VT Avastra Global Equity Fund
   -  VT Avastra Global Fixed Income Fund
   VT Blackfinch Funds ICVC
   -  VT Blackfinch Balanced Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Cautious Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Defensive Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Income Portfolio Fund
   VT Brompton Funds ICVC
   -  VT Brompton Adventurous Fund
   -  VT Brompton Cautious Fund
   VT Cantab Funds ICVC
   -  VT Cantab Balanced
   -  VT Cantab Moderate
   -  VT Cantab Sustainable Global Equity Fund
   VT Cape Wrath Focus Fund
   VT Castlebay UK Equity Fund
   VT Chelsea Managed ICVC
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Agressive
Growth Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Balanced Growth Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Cautious Growth Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Monthly Income Fund
   VT Clear Peak Capital UK Long/Short Equity
   VT De Lisle America Fund
   VT Dominium Holdings ICVC
   VT Downing Funds
   -  VT Downing European Unconstrained
Income Fund
   -  VT Downing Global Investors Fund
   -  VT Downing Listed Infrastructure
Income Fund
   -  VT Downing Small & Mid-Cap Income Fund
   -  VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund
   VT Esprit FS ICVC
   -  VT Esprit Careful Growth Fund
   -  VT Esprit Sustainable Growth Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Alpha Plus Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Balanced Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Growth Fund
   VT Freedom UCITS OEIC
   -  VT Freedom Balanced
   -  VT Freedom Cautious
   -  VT Freedom Defensive
   -  VT Freedom Long Term Balanced
   -  VT Freedom Long Term Growth
   VT Garraway Absolute Equity Fund
   VT Global Total Return Fund
   VT Gravis Funds
   -  VT Gravis Clean Energy Income Fund
   -  VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure
Income Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Listed Property (Feeder) Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Listed Property (PAIF) Fund
   VT Greystone Funds
   -  VT Greystone Balanced Managed Fund
   -  VT Greystone Cautious Managed Fund
   -  VT Greystone Conservative Managed Fund
   -  VT Greystone Global Growth Fund
   VT Halo Global Asian Consumer Fund
   VT Holland Advisors Equity Fund
   VT Johnston Financial Funds ICVC
   -  VT Johnston Cautious Portfolio
   -  VT Johnston Growth Portfolio
   VT KMGIM Growth
   VT Lyndon Fund
   VT Momentum Investment Funds
   -  VT Momentum Diversified Cautious
   -  VT Momentum Diversified Balanced
   -  VT Momentum Diversified Moderate
   -  VT Momentum Diversified Growth Fund
   -  VT Momentum Diversified Income Fund
   VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund
   VT North Capital Active Equity Fund
   VT PEF Global Multi-Asset Fund
   VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Funds ICVC
   -  VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Core Assertive Fund
   -  VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Core Balanced Fund
   -  VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Core Cautious Fund
   -  VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Allocation
Assertive Fund
   -  VT PortfolioMetrix GBP Allocation
Balanced Fund
   VT Portfolio Solutions ICVC
   -  VT Elston Multi-Asset Income Fund
   -  VT Elston Liquid Real Assets Index Fund
   VT PPM Investment Funds ICVC
   -  VT Dromore Investment Fund
   -  VT PPM Global Dynamic Fund
   -  VT Mustang Fund
   VT Price Value Portfolio
   VT Redlands Funds
   -  VT Redlands Equity Portfolio
   -  VT Redlands Fixed Income Portfolio
   -  VT Redlands Multi-Asset Portfolio
   -  VT Redlands Property Portfolio
   VT RM Funds ICVC
   -  VT RM Alternative Income Fund
   -  VT RM Global Real Opportunities Fund
   VT Rossie House Portfolio Fund
   VT SG UK Defined Return Assets Fund
   VT Sinfonia OEIC
   -  VT Sinfonia Adventurous Growth Portfolio
   -  VT Sinfonia Balanced Managed Portfolio
   -  VT Sinfonia Cautious Managed Portfolio
   -  VT Sinfonia Income Portfolio
   -  VT Sinfonia Income and Growth Portfolio
   VT Smartfund ICVC
   -  VT Smartfund Balanced Strategy
   -  VT Smartfund Cautious Strategy
   -  VT Smartfund Growth Strategy
   VT Sorbus Vector Funds ICVC
   -  VT Sorbus Vector Fund 1
   -  VT Sorbus Ethics Fund
   -  VT Shaheen Global
   -  VT Blackwood Keystone
   -  VT Blackwood Prime
   VT Tatton Oak ICVC
   -  VT Active Portfolio Overlay Fund
   -  VT Aggressive Portfolio Overlay Fund
   -  VT Balanced Portfolio Overlay Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Active Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Aggressive Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Balanced Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Cautious Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Defensive Fund
   -  VT Tatton Oak Capital Growth Fund
   -  VT Tatton Oak Cautious Growth Fund
   -  VT Cautious Portfolio Overlay Fund
   -  VT Defensive Portfolio Overlay Fund
   VT Teviot UK Smaller Companies Fund
   VT Tyndall Funds ICVC
   -  VT Tyndall Global Select Fund
   -  VT Tyndall North American Fund
   -  VT Tyndall Real Income Fund
   VT Vanneck Funds
   -  VT Vanneck Defensive Fund
   -  VT Vanneck Equity Fund
   -  VT Vanneck Global Growth Fund
   -  VT Vanneck Investment Growth Fund
   VT Woodhill UK Equity Strategic Fund


The VTAS Team

The key members of the team who deliver the services are:

Anne A. Laing CA - Chief Executive
Anne has a professional office background and has been Head of Authorised Corporate Director services at Valu-Trac since the service launched. She qualified as a member of ICAS in 1983 and has been working in financial services in compliance and accounting since 1995. She is a registered auditor authorised by ICAS. Anne is an executive director of Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited and the Chief Executive.
David Fraser FCCA - Head of Fund Administration Services
David joined Valu-Trac in December 2010. Previously working in General Practice with Frame Kennedy & Forrest (2001 - 2005) and with Ritsons (2005 - 2010), both of which are independent chartered accountancy firms. He qualified as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) during April 2010.

David obtained a BA in Accounting and Finance from Heriot-Watt University in 2001.
David E. Smith CA - Manager of Fund Financial Accounting & Taxation
David joined Valu-Trac in June 2016 on a summer placement and permanently in June 2017. David has completed an HNC in accountancy at Moray college UHI and a MA in Accountancy and Finance at the University of Aberdeen. David obtained a first class honours degree and was awarded straight A's in the honours years receiving multiple awards from the university including the prize for best honours student in accountancy.

David completed a training contract with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland supported by Valu-Trac's status as an ICAS training firm and became a Chartered Accountant in September 2021.

Michelle Fraser - Assistant Manager of Fund Financial Accounting
Michelle joined Valu-Trac in April 2020. She has over 12 years accountancy experience gained working in a local accountancy practice and is currently working towards her ACCA qualification.
Diane Hamill - Financial Accounts Assistant
Diane joined Valu-trac in October 2020. She has over 30 years experience in working within Finance and Accounting environments.
Paul Deans - Trainee Financial Accountant
Paul joined Valu-Trac in May 2021. He graduated from Heriot-Watt university with a BA in Accounting and Finance. While studying he gained experience working in customer service. He will be training with ICAS to become a Chartered Accountant.
Adrian Bond - Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
Adrian joined Valu-Trac in June 2022.
Joanne Taylor FCCA - Senior Compliance Manager
Joanne joined Valu-Trac in January 2019. She qualified with ACCA in February 2015 and has gained experience working in a variety of sectors including: public, private and the third sector (charities and voluntary organisations). Joanne brings a love of all things policy and procedural.
Natalie McBain - Compliance Monitoring Manager
Natalie joined Valu-Trac in October 2018 after working within an accountancy practice. Whilst gaining experience in a practice she also started studying through ACCA.
Jade Paton - Assistant Risk and Compliance Manager
Jade joined Valu-Trac in October 2020.
Jonathan Child - Fund Operations Director
Jonathan joined Valu-Trac in March 2023.
Alasdair Dennis CA - Fund Operations Manager
Alasdair joined Valu-Trac in 2011. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc Honours in Mathematics and Physics.

Alasdair is training with the Institute of Chartered Accountants to become a Chartered Accountant.
Kieran Darroch - Assistant Fund Operations Manager
Kieran joined Valu-Trac in September 2017 having completed an HNC in accountancy. Whilst studying Kieran gained employment experience within the food industry. Kieran has a training contract with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland supported by Valu-Trac's status as an ICAS training firm.
James Brown - Fund Accounting Manager
James joined Valu-Trac on August 1st 2011 from Caley Fisheries in Peterhead where he had been involved in the administration and accounting for fishing vessel partnerships and companies since 2001. He had previously worked in similar roles with Smith Maritime and Shore Hydraulics and had also a years work experience with BP/Britoil whilst at University.

James is a graduate of the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen where he obtained a BA (Hons) in Business Studies in 1991. He is currently studying towards the ACCA qualification.
Stephen Lawson - LEAD Fund Accountant
Stephen joined Valu-Trac in July 2017. Previously worked as site accountant in Food industry. He has a good grounding in accountancy and administration with over twenty years experience.
Steven Morrison - LEAD Fund Accountant
Steven joined Valu-Trac during February 2015. Having achieved 6 highers while at the The Gordon Schools, Huntly he has continued studying towards a Higher national qualification in Accountancy at North-East College in Aberdeen.
He is about to enrol for the ACCA qualification
Scott Crawford - LEAD Fund Accountant
Scott joined Valu-Trac in September 2018. He is currently studying at the Open University towards a BA Honours in Business Management - Accounting. Previously he worked in the construction industry and as a greenkeeper in Austria.
Samantha Norcross - LEAD Fund Accountant
Samantha joined Valu-Trac in May 2015.  Samantha has worked in professional bookkeeping and accounting offices so joins Valu-Trac with a good discipline and grounding in accounting.
Lauren Edwards - Advanced Senior Fund Accountant
Lauren joined Valu-Trac in June 2017. She previously completed an HND in accountancy before going on to complete BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance. Whilst studying Lauren gained employment experience within the food industry.
Lucy Redfern - Advanced Senior Fund Accountant
Lucy joined Valu-Trac in November 2017 having completed a BA (hons) in Accounting and Finance at Moray College UHI. Whilst studying she also gained professional experience in a local accounting office.
Lynne Scott LL.B FCCA - Senior Fund Accountant
Lynne joined Valu-Trac in July 2016.  She previously worked as a Practice Manager in an independent chartered accountancy firm which was also a subsidiary of Carnegie Knox Ltd. 

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 1997 as a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) she moved to the accountancy profession and qualified as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) during September 2009.
Marian Conti - Senior Fund Accountant
Professional office background in accountancy and investor services.  Experienced in administration of equity, bond and hedge funds.
Shaun Thomson - Senior Fund Accountant
Shaun joined Valu-Trac in April 2018 whilst completing an HND in accountancy. Whilst studying Shaun gained employment experience in the food industry.
Elizabeth Hanna - Senior Fund Accountant
Elizabeth joined Valu-Trac in May 2018 having completed a BA Accounting and Finance. She has work experience with Johnston Carmichael and a small independent firm based in Nairn.
Rachael Stewart - Senior Fund Accountant
Rachael joined Valu-Trac in August 2020 having completed a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at Moray College UHI. Whilst studying Rachael gained employment experience within the food industry.
Sarah Craven - Fund Accountant
Sarah joined Valu-Trac in November 2019. She comes with experience in accounts fields from Solicitors offices, estates and property. Qualified as a SOLAS Law Accountant in 2008 and CIH Level 3 Certificate in Letting and Managing Residential Property in October 2017.
Shamaila Ali - Fund Accountant
Shamaila joined Valu-Trac in January 2019, having gained a First Class Degree in BA (HONS) Applied Social Sciences at Robert Gordon University. Prior to this she has worked for Aegon, Scottish Widows and Lloyds Banking Group.
Julie Vandalli-Nixon - Fund Accountant
Julie joined Valu-Trac in March 2020 after working at a firm of chartered accountants. Prior to this she gained 14 years experience working at a stockbrokers. She brings good understanding and knowledge of the industry and is AAT qualified.
Michael Watson - Fund Accountant
Michael Joined valu trac in January 2020 after previously working as an accounts assistant at RItsons Chartered Accountants for 2 and a half years.
He has completed his AAT level 2 qualification and is working towards AAT level 3 in the future.
David Horscraft - Fund Accountant
David Joined Valu-Trac in March 2020 after previously working for Northern Trust and Aon in Guernsey. He was a Trainee Fund Accountant at Northern Trust responsible for preparing accounts. Previously at Aon David was a Financial Accounts Assistant. Maintaining cashbooks, where he started his training towards FIA (formerly CAT) which is part of ACCA. Both roles provided David with valuable client facing experience.
Amy Manson - Fund Accountant
Amy joined Valu-Trac in January 2021 after obtaining her HND in accounting from Moray College. While studying she gained valuable customer facing employment experience working in retail. Amy went on to gain additional experience at a firm of accountants before re-joining Valu-trac in February 2023.
Finlay Nicol - Fund Accountant
Finlay joined Valu-Trac in January 2021 after previously working for a firm of chartered accountants. He has completed his AAT level 2 qualification and is coming towards the end of his level 3 exams. He hopes to complete his AAT exams in the near future.
Lauren Russell - Fund Accountant
Lauren joined Valu-Trac in March 2021. Lauren had previously worked for a firm of chartered accountants after leaving school in 2019. Lauren hopes to progress with accountancy studies in the near future.
Calum Todd - Fund Accountant
Calum joined Valu-Trac in January 2021 after graduating with an honours degree in Accounting & Finance from the Robert Gordon University. While studying Calum gained valuable customer facing experience while working in retail.
Courtney Sutherland - Fund Accountant
Courtney joined Valu-Trac in July 2019. Previous experience in customer service and sales with a hospitality background.
Hannah Langley - Fund Accountant
Hannah joined Valu-Trac in June 2021, having moved to the area to be with family. Hannah comes to us from previous roles in the Civil Service having previously earned a Bachelor's Degree in Politics with Quantitative Research Methods at the University of Leeds. She is currently working towards her AAT Qualifications.
Joanne Brown - Fund Accountant
Joanne joined Valu-Trac in August 2021. Graduated from Moray College with a First Class Degree in BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance in May 2021. Previous experience working in retail.
Jodie Anderson - Fund Accountant
Jodie joined Valu-Trac in June 2021. She has a HND in accountancy and whilst studying she gained experience in retail.
Sarah Connolly - Fund Accountant
Sarah joined Valu-Trac in August 2021 after completing a BA in Accounting & Finance. Sarah gained previous experience in the retail and hospitality sectors.
Maria Simpson - Fund Accountant
Maria joined Valu-Trac in September 2022.
Jennifer Robertson - Fund Accountant
Jennifer joined Valu-Trac in September 2022. She previously worked in finance, administrative services and business support roles in the renewable energy and oil & gas sectors. Jennifer has SVQ qualifications in Business Administration and Procurement Services, gained through modern apprenticeships.
Caelan Barnes - Fund Accountant
Caelan joined Valu-Trac in July 2022. He has master's degrees in both Maths and Philosophy and employment experience in the ministry and hospitality sectors.
Ummu Aniff - Trainee Fund Accountant
Ummu joined the Valu-Trac team in October 2018, after completing a Honors Degree in Accounting and Finance at Moray College UHI.
Maya McKenzie - Trainee Fund Accountant
Maya joined Valu-Trac in 2021 after completing an HNC in Accountancy at Moray College UHI. Maya had previously gained a qualification in business and admin and has also gained communication skills from previous employment working with clients.
Finlay Gowan - Trainee Fund Accountant
Finlay joined Valu-Trac in February 2022 after completing an HNC in Accounting at North East Scotland College. In his spare time, Finlay has represented Scotland in Carpet Bowls.
Alex Ingram - Trainee Fund Accountant
Alex joined Valu-Trac in January 2023 after completing an Honours degree in Management at Robert Gordon's University. She previously gained valuable work experience in the hospitality industry.
Natasha Ogle - Trainee Fund Accountant
Natasha joined Valu-Trac in March 2023. Prior to joining Natasha gained valuable customer service experience working in retail and hospitality. In her spare time Natasha works to raise Holocaust awareness and also holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do, competing nationally and internationally.
Michelle Mather - Settlements Administrator
Michelle joined Valu-Trac in August 2020 after working for a local leisure organisation. She previously worked for Swale Borough Council (Kent) for 5 years providing administrative support to the Revenues and Benefits Teams. Prior to this she worked in the NHS Business Services Authority for a number of years as a Customer Contact Officer and also for Barclays Bank PLC as a Lead Cashier.
Jonathan Mizen - Chief Financial Officer
Jonathan joined Valu-Trac as CFO in February 2023. He has worked in finance for many years, after graduating from Kingston University with a law degree (LLB Hons). He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA) member of ICAEW and worked in business assurance at several independent Chartered Accountancy firms, including Ernst & Young, before running a successful financial consultancy business. Prior to this role he worked as Group Finance Director for a leading firm of patent attorneys. Jonathan is responsible for financial management and strategy at Valu-Trac and is a member of the Executive team.
Matthew Duncan - Executive Support Manager
Matthew joined Valu-Trac in October 2020. He holds an MA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen. After graduating Matthew worked as an Advisor at the Scottish Parliament and served seven years as an elected councillor on Aberdeen City Council. After working for several years in the recruitment industry, Matthew joined Valu-Trac where his role is to assist our Chief Executive Anne A. Laing.
Gillian Bell - Company Accountant
Gillian joined Valu-Trac in September 2015. She holds an HND in Accounting and is currently studying towards her ACCA qualification. She has extensive experience in customer service and administration. For over 10 years she volunteered with the Moray branch of Riding for the Disabled and was treasurer for 4 years.
Gillian returned to Valu-Trac in December 2019 bringing with her valuable experience gained at a local accountancy firm, dealing with book-keeping, preparation of VAT returns and the preparation of accounts for a wide variety of individuals and companies, amongst other things. She is also a founding member and treasurer of Friends of Dr Grays, a non-profit organisation, based at Dr Grays Hospital.

David P Smith - Treasury Assistant
David joined the Valu-Trac team at the start of November 2016. He has many years experience of working in professional accounting practice and most recently in the cash room of a local law firm.
Sandy Howie - Manager, Withholding Tax and Treasury Oversight
Sandy joined Valu-Trac in November 2018. He previously worked for Moray Council providing Technical Support to the Customer Services Team. Prior to this he worked for Royal Bank of Scotland for 29 years.
Janine Ashton-Brown - Head of Treasury
Janine joined Valu-Trac in June 2017, after moving north to be with family. She has more than 30 years' experience in accounting environments and has a good all round knowledge of accounting practices.
Lynn McConnachie - Accounts & Treasury Assistant
Lynn joined Valu-Trac in May 2022. She has 30 year's experience in Office environments and holds an SVQ in Administration.
Jasmine Baillie - Treasury Assistant
Jasmine joined Valu-Trac's Treasury team in January 2022. Prior to joining Valu-Trac Jasmine worked in a regulated financial administration role in the motor trade for 6 years. Jasmine holds an SVQ in Business Administration.
Rebecca Robinson - Executive Assistant
Rebecca joined Valu-Trac in 2005. Previously she worked for British Nuclear Fuels Limited and British Telecom.
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