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   VT De Lisle America Fund
   VT Dominium Holdings ICVC
   VT Halo Global Asian Consumer Fund
   VT icf Absolute Return Portfolio
   VT KMGIM Medium High Risk
   VT Lyndon Fund
   VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund
   VT North Capital Active Equity Fund
   VT PEF Global Multi-Asset Fund
   VT Price Value Portfolio
   VT RM Alternative Income Fund
   VT Rossie House Portfolio Fund
   VT SG UK Defined Return Assets Fund
   VT Teviot UK Smaller Companies Fund
   VT Thistledown Income Fund
   VT Woodhill UK Equity Strategic Fund
   Alligator Fund ICVC
   Valu-Trac Equity Income Fund A
   Garraway Capital Management LLP
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   -  VT Garraway UK Equity Market Fund
   -  VT Garraway Diversified Income Fund
   -  VT Garraway Multi Asset Funds
   -  VT Garraway Absolute Equity Fund
   Protean Capital LLP
   -  VT Protean Capital Elder Fund
   -  VT Protean Capital PROCSI CoRE Fund
   The Discovery Fund
   -  Discovery Balanced Fund
   -  Discovery Managed Growth Fund
   -  Discovery Cautious Managed Fund
   VT AJ Bell Funds ICVC
   -  VT AJ Bell Adventurous Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Balanced Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Cautious Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Moderately
Adventurous Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Moderately
Cautious Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Global Growth Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Income Fund
   -  VT AJ Bell Income & Growth Fund
   VT Astute Funds ICVC
   -  VT Astute Conservative Fund
   -  VT Astute Balanced Fund
   -  VT Astute Growth Fund
   VT Blackfinch Funds ICVC
   -  VT Blackfinch Defensive Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Cautious Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Balanced Portfolio Fund
   -  VT Blackfinch Income Portfolio Fund
   VT Cantab Funds ICVC
   -  VT Cantab Moderate
   -  VT Cantab Balanced
   -  VT Cantab Sustainable Global Equity Fund
   VT Chelsea Managed ICVC
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Monthly Income Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Cautious Growth Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Balanced Growth Fund
   -  VT Chelsea Managed Agressive
Growth Fund
   VT Downing Investor Funds ICVC
   -  VT Downing Global Investors Fund
   -  VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund
   VT Esprit FS ICVC
   -  VT Esprit Careful Growth Fund
   -  VT Esprit Sustainable Growth Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Alpha Plus Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Balanced Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Growth Fund
   -  VT Esprit Tactical Income Fund
   VT Gravis Funds
   -  VT Gravis Clean Energy Income Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Listed Property (PAIF) Fund
   -  VT Gravis UK Listed Property (Feeder) Fund
   VT Greystone Funds
   -  VT Greystone Balanced Managed Fund
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   -  VT Greystone Conservative Managed Fund
   -  VT Greystone Global Growth Fund
   VT Grosvenor Funds ICVC
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   -  VT Grosvenor Adventurous Fund
   VT iFunds OEIC
   -  VT iFunds Absolute Return Orange Fund
   -  VT iFunds Absolute Return Green Fund
   VT Johnston Financial Funds ICVC
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   -  VT Smartfund Growth Strategy
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   -  VT Tatton Blended Balanced Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Active Fund
   -  VT Tatton Blended Aggressive Fund
   VT Tyndall Funds ICVC
   -  VT Tyndall Global Select Fund
   -  VT Tyndall North American Fund
   -  VT Tyndall Real Income Fund
   VT Vanneck Funds
   -  VT Vanneck Defensive Fund
   -  VT Vanneck Equity Fund



VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund


Until now tracker and index funds have only been constructed with reference to the market capitalisation of each constituent company. The market capitalisation is calculated by multiplying the number of shares a company has by its share price. So, if the share price goes up 10% so does the market value of the company. Sometimes, as in the dot com bubble, share prices rise simply because sectors and companies become popular. That can make them expensive and vulnerable to sharp collapses when sentiment changes. In few other walks of life do we assess things purely on price. We always seek to find some measure of quantity.

Our preference is to use a fundamental measure to assess companies.

The VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund uses consensus forecast gross cash dividends for each constituent company, in relation to the total for the index, to determine the size of each holding. Using a fundamental measure, rather than price (market capitalisation) as with most index funds, gives it a value bias. This model bridges the gap between active and passive funds and could be described as Smart Beta. The model is rebalanced every month to incorporate changes to dividend forecasts and the fund is reconciled to the model every day to exploit volatility.

Every year since 1956 Barclays has published a study of the long-term returns from investing in equities and in gilts using data going back to 1899. That means it includes data from times of war, recessions, booms inflation and deflation. The graph below illustrates the theoretical returns that could have been generated had anyone invested £100 in the UK stock market in 1945.

The lower line shows the return, before costs, of the capital value alone and ignoring any dividends paid. It shows that £100 would have grown to £10,030 by the end of 2016. The other line illustrates what might have happened, again before costs, if the dividends generated by the portfolio over that period of time had been reinvested. That initial sum of £100 would have grown to £211,392, again in today's money and not allowing for inflation, by the end of 2016.

Although that figure is about 95% higher than the capital only sum it can be shown that the reason it is so much higher is because about half the growth in value has come from the dividends, growth in dividends and the reinvestment of those dividends.

Returns from GBP 100 invested in the UK stock market in 1945

   Source: Barclays Equity Gilt Study
   Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results

The data from Barclays shows that dividends are an important factor in the overall return from investing in equities. These two graphs help put the dividends from the fund into context over time and relative to the market overall. These data are for the X Income shares. Dividends for the Accumulation shares are reinvested by the manager.

Growth in Dividends

   Source: Total Market Dividends from Capita Asset Services, Fund dividends from Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited
   Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results

This graph illustrates the dividend payments, and the growth of those distributions since the fund was launched in 2007. It also shows the total payments made by all companies on the London Stock Exchange as determined by Capita.

Over time the frequency of distributions from the fund has increased from half-yearly to quarterly and now monthly as the next chart demonstrates.

Trailing 12 month Dividend X Acc

   Source: Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited
   Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results

The higher distribution in 2014 was due to the special dividend from Vodafone.

A lot financial commentary revolves around the current level of any security, or collection of securities such as a stock market index. However, this detracts attention away from the single most important feature of the investment world which is the crucial role of reinvested income.


Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015

Application Form VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund - Individuals
Application Form VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund - Institutional

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