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Services (VTAS)
   Moray Place Investment Company
   VT Cape Wrath Focus Fund
   VT Castlebay UK Equity Fund
   VT icf Absolute Return Portfolio
   VT De Lisle America Fund
   VT Garraway UK Equity Market Fund
   VT Halo Global Asian Consumer Fund
   VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund
   VT Odd Real Income Fund
   VT Odey Total Return Fund
   VT Price Value Portfolio
   VT Sorbus Vector Fund 1
   VT Thistledown Income Fund
   VT UK Infrastructure Income Fund
   VT Woodhill UK Equity Strategic Fund
   Valu-Trac Equity Income Fund A
   VT Grosvenor Funds ICVC
   -  VT Grosvenor Cautious Fund
   -  VT Grosvenor Adventurous Fund
   VT iFunds OEIC
   -  VT iFunds Absolute Return Orange Fund
   -  VT iFunds Absolute Return Green Fund
   -  VT iFunds Absolute Return Indigo Fund
   VT Morningstar Informed Smartfund ICVC
   -  VT Morningstar Informed Smartfund
Balanced Strategy
   -  VT Morningstar Informed Smartfund
Cautious Strategy
   -  VT Morningstar Informed Smartfund
Growth Strategy
   VT Tcam Investment Funds
   -  VT Strategic Value
   -  VT Tcam Absolute Return Portfolio
   -  VT Tcam Growth Portfolio
   -  VT Tcam Income Portfolio


VT Price Value Portfolio



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Key Investor Information Class A Accumulation Class A Income
Class B Accumulation Class B Income


The latest net asset value per share is as follows:

A Net Accumulation GBP 130.2934p
A Net Accumulation USD 105.2188c
A Net Accumulation EUR 109.5208c
B Net Accumulation GBP 103.3486p
B Net Accumulation USD 104.9582c
B Net Accumulation EUR 100.0000c
Net Asset Value as at 12:00 on 27th March 2017.


Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results

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