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Valu-Trac has a distinct investment philosophy based on the fundamental concept of Intrinsic Value.

For income producing assets (such as Equities and Bonds), an investment gives the right to receive an income stream. Intrinsic Value is a measure of the potential income return, which determines the future opportunity. For non-income producing assets such as Gold, Commodities and Currencies, Intrinsic Value is determined by reference to the World Monetary Base which determines the quality of money.

This gives rise to a discipline that can be used for allocating across and within the four Asset Classes: Equities (including by region, country and sector), Bonds, Currencies and Commodities.

Valu-Trac uses Intrinsic Value measurements to provide Asset Management, Investment Research and Investment Counselling Services. Valu-Trac also provides fund administration services to third parties.

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"The habit of relating what is paid to what is offered is an invaluable trait in investment" - Benjamin Graham
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