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Investor Verification

At Valu-Trac we take our responsibilities for protecting and safeguarding the money and personal information you have entrusted with us, extremely seriously. From time to time, we review the methods we use to protect investors and our business, from various forms of financial crime.

We are all aware that the frequency and sophistication of financial crime threats has risen dramatically in recent years, and we have all had to increase our vigilance and security in some way, particularly when we are interacting online, via email or on the telephone.

Financial Services firms have also been required to respond to increasingly prescriptive regulation relating to Financial Crime and the protection of private individual's data, which is also intended to assist in protecting the assets and data you entrust with firms like us.

With the most recent developments in financial crime methods that we have observed and the regular updates to UK regulations we have undertaken a full review of our processes for verifying investor identities, with the aim of improving your customer journey and enhancing the systems and processes we deploy against the risk of fraud and other forms of financial crime to your investment.

We understand and recognise that interacting and dealing with financial services firms such as ourselves can often be felt to be unnecessarily time-consuming and sometimes overly intrusive. Whilst we cannot reduce the amount of information we need to request from you, we believe we can make the method you are able to provide information much easier and less time-consuming, for the majority of investors.

By partnering with SmartSearch UK - who is a market-leading provider of electronic identity verification for individuals and businesses in the UK and international markets - we believe we have made significant improvements to the verification process to make it a less onerous process for you, whilst also increasing the method of protection against financial crime we can apply across our funds and investor accounts.

Further details about SmartSearch UK can be found here.

For more information on what we are requesting from yourself, please see our new Investor Verification Process Document here.

The Investor Verification - Information Request Form referred to in the Investor Verification Process Document can be found here.


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