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Valu-Trac Team

The Board
Anne Laing (Director) Head of Authorised Corporate Director Services
Martin Henderson (Director) Investment Management & Research
R. Peter W. Millar (Director) Chairman
Douglas Halley Non Executive Director
Michael Barron Non Executive Director
Investment Team
Alan Hogg Investment Manager
Kathryn Archibald Investment Manager
James Dempster Investment Director, Analysis & Reporting
James Hitchmough Investment Analyst
Alan Addison Investment Assistant, Data & Systems Manager
Michael Pole Investment Research Data Analyst
James Elder Investment Management Support
John Baker Investment Management Support
Ryan Aitken Application Support Analyst

Administration Team
David Fraser Head of Administration Services
Neil Smith Manager CIS Accounting
Joanne Taylor Governance and Compliance Manager
Alasdair Dennis Fund Operations Manager
Wendy Lipkovics Senior Systems Accountant
James Brown Senior Fund Accountant
Marian Conti Senior Fund Accountant
Lynne Scott Senior Fund Accountant
Stephen Lawson Senior Fund Accountant
Steven Morrison Senior Fund Accountant
Samantha Norcross Senior Fund Accountant
Natalia Seton Senior Fund Accountant
David Smith Fund Accountant
Lucy Redfern Fund Accountant
Lauren Edwards Fund Accountant
Kieran Darroch Fund Accountant
Shaun Thomson Fund Accountant
Kelly Forsyth Fund Accountant
Lucy Greatholder Trainee Fund Accountant
Elizabeth Hanna Trainee Fund Accountant
Ashleigh MacKenzie Trainee Fund Accountant
Natalie Lentz Trainee Fund Accountant
Scott Crawford Trainee Fund Accountant
Shamaila Ali Trainee Fund Accountant
John Frew Trainee Fund Accountant
Bruce Henderson Trainee Fund Accountant
David Williams Delegated Operations - Client Manager
Carola Logan Finance Manager
David P Smith Accounting Assistant
Sandy Howie Investor Taxation Administrator
Janine Ashton-Brown Treasury Accountant
Ummu Aniff Treasury Accountant
Rebecca Robinson Treasury Assistant
Courtney Sutherland Office Junior


Valu-Trac field a team in the Elgin Marafun


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